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A Friend in Need Is a Man’s Best Dog, a collection of 30+ years of humor, essays and even a little poetry. (order directly here)

Secrets of the Universe  (5-Volume set), , Order individual volumes or the entire set from your local bookseller or Living Book Press

  • Matter and Energy
  • Objects in Motion
  • Liquids and Gases
  • Waves
  •  Relativity and Quantum Mechanic

Deadly Quarry, Young adult novel (ebook) available on Kindle e-reader

Weatherwise, Lerner Publications, 2011 (4 volumes)
Grade 4; hard-cover, illustrated, 4 Volumes:

Neptune, Venus, Early Bird Astronomy, Lerner Publications, 2009 (ISBNs: Neptune 978-0-7613-4155-0; Venus 978-0-7613-4151-2)

Food Webs: Desert; Forest; Grassland; Lakes and Pond; Ocean; Tundra, Earlybird Science Series, Lerner Publishing Group, 2007

Mind Builders: Multidisciplinary Challenges for Cooperative Team-Building and Competition, with co-author Donald M. Ziegler, (ISBN 1-59158-376-4) Teacher Ideas Press (an imprint of Libraries Unlimited), 2006

Parasites: Latching on to a Free Lunch, (ISBN 0-8225-3415-0), Lerner Publishing Group, 2006

Great Ideas of Science: The Big Bang (ISBN 0-8225-2133-4) and Evolution (ISBN 0-8225-2134-2), Lerner Publishing Group, 2005

21st Century Writing, with co-authors Donna Fout and Mary Ann Ready, Teaching and Learning Co., 2003,  ISBN  1-57310-393-4

Secrets of the Universe: (5-Volume set), Lerner Publishing Group, 2002

  • Matter and Energy                            ISBN 0-8225-2986-6
  • Objects in Motion                             ISBN 0-8225-2985-8
  • Liquids and Gases                            ISBN 0-8225-2988-2
  • Waves                                              ISBN 0-8225-2987-4
  •  Relativity and Quantum Mechanic     ISBN 0-8225-2989-0

Brain Food: Games That Make Kids Think, Prufrock Press, 1997 ISBN 1-56976-072-1
Tanglers, Zephyr Press, 1991 ISBN 0-945984-56-1
Tanglers Too, Zephyr Press,, 1998 ISBN 0-945984-93-6

Out of Print Titles

Email me to order copies of out-of-print titles:


    • Thanks for your interest. It’s currently out of print, but I do have a few copies available for sale. If you send me a check for $20 (to cover book + postage) I’ll mail you a copy. Make sure to include your full address. You can also contact me at [email protected]

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