Changing Our World: A Handbook for Young Activists

Changing Our World:  A Handbook for Young Activists


Illustrated by Patricia Keeler
236 pages
Grades 6 and above
Changing Our World is a book that is long overdue.  It is a guidebook, a practical manual that will help young advocates and potential advocates develop the knowledge and the skills that will help them gain the confidence that they can make a difference.  Paul Fleisher’s work has “pulled it all together”; though focused on young activists, it is a helpful tool for people of any age or level of experience.  I will happily recommend Changing Our World to my audiences and will add it as a critical contribution to my “tool chest ” as a way to help people live actively and more fully–from individuals and families to shcools and organizations.”
—Dorothy F. Cotton, former Education Director, Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

Changing Our World provides guidance for students who want to make a difference in their world. Includes chapters on planning for change, identifying important issues, researching an issues, finances and fundraising, developing leadership skills, the varieties of direct action, and handling problems that might arise in the process of working for change.

The book also includes a number of true stories describing how young people made a difference in their communities.

Changing Our World is now out of print.


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