Random Mozart part II

Now lets create a composition:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Vector Portrait. Stock Vector - Illustration of  face, male: 119409158

We’ll start by composing in C major.  The notes of a C major scale look like this:

C¯       D         E          F          G         A         B          C­^

(C¯ indicates low C and C­^ indicates high C)

Composition 1:

  • Assign the values that you can get from each possible dice roll to the notes in the scale.  Make sure all values from 2 to 12 are assigned, so you may assign more than one value to a note. (For example, either a 9 or a 10 could mean the note G)
  • Suggestion:  Assign the most probable rolls to C¯, E, G, and C­^­ to get a composition most likely to sound like it was actually written in the key of C
  • Suggestion:  Assign one or more values to rests. (silence or pause).
  • Now we will write a 16-measure composition in 4/4 time.  Begin rolling the dice.  Write down the results of each roll.  Each roll represents a quarter note or quarter rest.  4 rolls make up a measure of music.  That means you must roll and record the dice 64 times.
  • After you’ve made and recorded each roll, write the corresponding note or rest beside each one.
  • Then, if you like, write the quarter notes and rests on a musical staff. (This can be done by hand, or using notation software.) 
  • Finally, play your composition, or get someone to play it for you.

Composition 2:

Write a second 16-measure composition.  Incorporate one or more of the following:

  • Write a composition in a minor key.  (A minor is easiest, using no black piano keys.)

A¯      B          C         D         E          F          G         A­^

Suggestion:  Assign the most probable rolls to A¯, C, E, and A­ to get a composition most likely to sound like it was actually written in the key of A minor.

  • Write a composition that uses the chromatic scale—all 12 notes, including both black and white keys on the keyboard.

C¯       C#       D         D#      E          F          F#       G         G#       A         A#      B          C­^­

  • Write a composition that uses a pentatonic scale—a five note scale common in Asian music

C¯       D         E          G         A         C­^­   (for example)

  • Write a piece that randomly uses notes from eighth notes and rests through whole notes and rests.  (each note will require two dice rolls—one for pitch and one for duration.)
  • Write a piece in 3/4 or 6/8 time.