Lifecycles of a Dozen Diverse Creatures

The Millbrook Press, 1996  ISBN  0-7613-0000-7

80 pages illustrated with color photographs Grades 4-6
Hardcover or softcover
Booklist Editors’ Choice

A lifecycle is the series of stages that any living thing passes through as it is born, grows, reproduces and eventually dies.  In this book you’ll find out about the lifecycles of a dozen very different creatures.  Each has its own way to grow and reproduce, and each is part of the web of life that makes our existence on this planet possible.

Take a close-up look at the variety of life cycles of some of the animal world’s most fascinating inhabitants in this illustrated study of 12 unique species.  Learn about the microscopic daphnia, which reproduces without males by cloning itself, to the complex lifecycle of the honeybee.  Also includes segments on the earthworm, the opposum, the oyster, the seahorse, the monarch butterfly, the emperor penguin and others.

Lifecycles is now out of print.  Order copies directly from Paul Fleisher


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