Gorillas; Ants

Gorillas , Marshall Cavendish, 2000, ISBN 978-0761411406

Part of the AnimalWays series.    A detailed study of the three sub-species of gorillas, illustrated with numerous full-color photographs.  Chapters discuss the animals’ origins and evolution, anatomy, behavior and life cycle, intelligence, relationships with humans, and endangered status.  Also includes a glossary, bibliography and index.

Ants , Marshall Cavendish, 2002, ISBN 0-7614-1269-7

This book, part of the Animal Ways series is a 112 page exploration of the fascinating lives of the world’s most widespread and dominant creatures.  Includes chapters on ant anatomy, evolution, life cycle, how ants live, and information about a variety of specialized ant species, including leafcutter ants, army ants, harvester ants, weaver ants, fire ants, and even parasitic ants that make slaves of other ant species.

Includes glossary, index, bibliography and numerous full-color photographs.

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