Looking for copies of Secrets of the Universe?

Secrets of the Universe has been used widely in the home-schooling community for many years (gr. 6-12), and people are still asking about it.  I’m very grateful. Secrets is still in print, I’m happy to report, but only in the form of a multi-user ebook.  If you’re interested in purchasing copies of any (or all) …

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Now Available: A Friend in Need is a Man’s Best Dog

A Friend in Need is a Man’s Best Dog is a collection of humor, essays and verse, both published and previously unpublished. Paul Fleisher’s newest book includes satire and parodies, as well as essays on political, environmental and education issues.  Also included is a small collection of short verse. The book is a retrospective covering almost forty years …

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Tanglers is Back in Print!

Tanglers is Back in Print!  I’ve had a number of requests to make this widely used classroom resource available, and so… The newest edition is now available through booksellers, including Amazon.com You can also order a copy from me directly.  Email me for details.

Real-Life Chindogu—an Unuseless Invention

I found these bottles of carbonated drink–a genuine product of Japan–at a local salvage store.   Here are the actual directions printed on the plastic wrap covering the top of the bottle: “1. Serve Ramune drink chilled. 2. Remove the plastic film from the top. 3. Pop out the center from the cap, which will …

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  I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a rhinoceros  like you! Instead of having one horn, you insist on wearing two. The one and only thing you’ve ever said to me is “moo.” It’s no wonder why no other rhinos dine with you!       Copyright by Paul Fleisher, 2013

Don’t knock down the church-state wall

First grade. The first day of public school. The very first memory I can locate specifically in time and place. Our teacher leads a recitation of words I’ve never heard before. Yet somehow all the other students already have the words memorized, and join in. I don’t understand. Why do all the other kids know …

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In the Aftermath of Isabel

Ten years ago Hurricane Isabelle roared through Virginia, leaving a new landscape in her wake.  Behind our house, Isabelle uprooted hundreds of mature trees.  In some places, they fell like dominoes, each leafy giant toppling the next. But in the aftermath of destruction has come regeneration.  The rebirth began immediately after the storm, and continues …

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